CHRISTMAS DIY | Minimal Chalkboard Tree

One week until christmas and no tree yet? Oh no! 

It's a good thing that I am just like you and really didn't feel like dragging a tree to my house, or worse: decorate my extremely-non-realistic-looking-tiny-fake-christmas-tree.

This year, I choose to be extremely crafty and minimal when it came to my christmas tree idea. It was very easy actually I just temporarily removed the door from our storage closet and decided to paint one side with chalkboard paint, easy!

And yes, you read it right. I simply placed the door against a big empty wall, and what do you know: it actually looks pretty christmassy in my living room right now!

It's of course not necessary to use an old door, you can also use a big piece of wood, or a small one. The idea is, that it's a flat surface and it doesn't take up too much space or precious time to make (perfect for tiny apartments!). And after looking at it for a long time during christmas, you end up with a nice chalkboard door in your cupboard, that is perfect for writing down lists!

* As a side note, I can hear you thinking: but than my storage won't have a door! Solution: I actually hung up a temporary curtain and it doesn't look too bad:)

- Old door, or big/small/old/new piece of wood
- Chalkboard Paint
- Paint Brush
- Painters Cloth
- Chalk
* optional: Decorations

- Clean the door and place the painters cloth underneath. Apply a thin layer of chalkboard paint. Let it dry (mine only took an hour to dry, before I could paint it over)
- Apply a second layer of paint. Let it dry overnight.

Let's decorate!
- I cutout some shapes out of paper and traced those to create the tree. 

- You can use tape or small nails to hang decorations "in" the tree, or simply hang them on the top corner of the door, like I did with my christmas lights.
- If you have some chalkboard paint leftover, you can use it to paint decorations and create a three dimensional chalkboard effect.

We unfortunately don't celebrate christmas with gifts, but the floor in front of this minimal tree would be perfect for a big stack of pretty wrapped presents!

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TRENDS | It's Purse Season!

Dinners, parties, celebrations and many more occasions are on it's way this season! And that means that it's time to look for the perfect purse to match all of your festive outfits!

I must admit that I am one of those people that carries a big bag with me all the time. And my new resolution is that whenever I go somewhere fancy I am not aloud to bring things that I won't use anyway. So I cleaned out all of my bags and found the biggest collection of "just in case" items, like: bandages, safety pins, needle and threat, pencils, aspirine, a million red lipsticks, and many many more things. 
I think I can start my own pharmacy right now with a specialty in bandages and lipstick:)

But it did help! Because believe it or not, my bag is so much lighter right now and I don't have to look through piles of old stuff before I finally find what I was looking for.

Could it be that I am ready for the next step? Clutches and small purses!
Yes! I went straight from cleaning out my bags to online shopping and found the cutest collection of purses! 

Here's my inspiration, have fun! Oh, and yes they are all less than 20 euros!


Purse nr. 1: Crazy is probably the best way to describe a fur ball as a purse. But you will definitely be the most original girl in the room;) found at Forever21

Not crazy enough? Try a milk carton purse, or a yummy donut purse!
Purse nr. 2Romwe
Purse nr. 3: Asos


Purse nr. 1: Go retro with a big red velvet bow purse from Pepaloves

Or go happy fancy with a floral print!
Purse nr. 2: Invito
Purse nr. 3: Urban Outfitters


Purse nr. 1:You can't go wrong with these beauties! Go fancy with a black purse and small details. You can go girly with this kitty from H&M

Or more sophisticated with these two brilliant expensive looking must haves:
Purse nr. 2Pieces
Purse nr. 3New Look


Purse nr. 1:Still no luck finding your style? Than go DIY-style! Make your own cute purse with these easy Tutorials! How about a personalized clutch from A Beautiful Mess

Or dare to go bolder with these two easy projects!
Purse nr. 2Lana Red Studio
Purse nr. 3: A Pair And A Spair

Whichever one you choose to buy or make, I am sure that you will be the prettiest anyway! Have a lovely festive season everyone!

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NAIL DIY | It's a Glittery Sharpie Christmas

Red, glitters and christmas decorations. What more to expect for some festive christmas nails?! 

It's been a while since my last nail tutorial, and I have had all of these crazy nail decoration ideas, like applying scrapbook pictures onto your nails, or dipping them into gold. And even though I am definitely still going to try those ;) I think that it's time for something simple.

In Holland, this seems to be the week of finally getting those decorations out, setting up the tree and oh yes, buying gifts! Who has time for an over the top nail DIY?

So let's keep it simple! A marker, and some glitter, easy right!

Red Nailpolish | Glitter Nailpolish | Top Coat Polish | Sharpie Marker

- Apply your red nail polish and let it dry.
- Apply the glitter nail polish, let it dry. 

Tip: After dipping the brush in the polish, let it drop some excessive polish back in the bottle. It's easier to apply the glitters without too much polish this way.

- Take your sharpie and draw your favorite christmas decoration (or just the easiest one:)
Be careful not to smear the drawing. 

- Secure the sharpie drawing with some clear nail polish. Don't brush the polish on, but let some drops of polish fall onto the nail. (this will prevent smearing)

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